Tamana Sood, Bangalore

I have been practicing Magnified Healing® since 2018. It has changed my life completely on the physical and emotions level. After learning Magnified Healing® in June 2018, I gradually I started connecting to mother Kwan Yin, Angels and Archangels and started feeling their presence in different forms. Slowly I started connecting with crystals in my dreams and messages started flowing. Initially I could not understand what was happening but later on when I saw myself changing I realized how magical it was.

Before learning Magnified Healing®, I used to be stressed, anxious, confused about my life and would easily feel depressed and most of the time. The anxiety manifested in many pains and aches in my body. I had developed a Sebaceous cyst and Lipoma. It was impacting my health badly I was gaining weight and that added to my worries.

I used to feel so tired and exhausted all the time and would seek guidance from everyone. I could not go to the gym, yoga or anything due to severe pain in my back. The doctor’s diagnosis revealed a pressed nerve which triggered all the pain.

After learning Magnified Healing®, I became emotionally strong and more peaceful from inside and started getting answers of my questions. I started getting guidance about the source of my anxieties and how to relax and let go.

On the physical level I received healing from mother Kwan Yin, Angels, Archangel Michael in deep meditation. I’m happy to share that the Sebaceous cyst just disappeared and I had been planning it’s surgery for the last 2 years because it was getting infected again and again The size of my Lipoma also reduced and now it’s almost gone. My back pain has also reduced and the frequency of pain has also gone down. I have lost weight as well and feel good about myself.

Magnified Healing® has contributed significantly to my emotional and physical well-being and I am deeply grateful to have received this blessing.May there be peace and love among all beings.

Thank you Mother Kwan Yin.