Co-originators of Magnified Healing®, Inc.

Rev. Kathryn Anderson, Rev. Gisèle King

Rev. Kathryn Anderson & Rev. Gisèle King were first introduced to this sacred healing technique in the summer of 1983. After a period of self-practice, it was in 1992 that Lady Master Kwan Yin started appearing to them and began expanding on the knowledge they had received nine years ago. She transmitted the entire process to them. What started with only two women in Florida transmitting the practice from the compassionate Mother Goddess, it has spread all over the world in 30 years. Currently, there are 144,000 practitioners of Magnified Healing® in 95 countries.

Rev. Kathryn and Rev. Gisèle have chosen the path of Ascension, and have received the Keys of Ascension; they accepted the mantle of Master-Teachers of Magnified Healing® of the GOD MOST HIGH from Lady Master Kwan Yin.

Rev. Kathryn Anderson & Rev. Gisèle King

Rev. Gisèle King is a Minister-Director of the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc., Reiki Master and certified in Physio-Etheric Body Healing(TM). A teacher, healer and spiritual counsellor, she has been actively leading group meditations and conducting Magnified Healing workshops all over the world. Her current place of residence is West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

Rev. Kathryn Anderson made her transition into the Light on February 12, 2015, at the age of 88. She was an ordained Minister, metaphysician, Huna Shaman, Reiki Master, and spiritual counsellor. She was a teacher of teachers and conducted many initiations spanning 35 years, teaching and touching many lives across the globe.