• What is the difference between Reiki and Magnified Healing®?

    Reiki is third-dimensional energy, while Magnified Healing® is fifth-dimensional. During a Reiki class, you receive attunements. The entire two/three-day Magnified Healing® workshop, however, is akin to an attunement, at the end of which every student receives an initiation that seals the energy. In Reiki, the practitioner is a channel for the energy.

    In Magnified Healing®, you are a co-creator along with God– you becomeMagnified Healing® so much so that even when you conduct a healing or do your daily practice, you do not feel that you are doing something as that is your pure and natural state of being. You acknowledge yourself as a Light Being.

  • Can anyone learn Magnified Healing®?

    Yes. In fact, as The Shift progresses, it is recommended that everyone should learn Magnified Healing®, as presently it is the purest tool available on our planet for Ascension. A prior understanding of The Shift as well as Ascension, dimensions, chakras, will aid your learnings during the workshop.

  • What material do I require to teach Magnified Healing®?

    The updated 2019-2020 1st Phase Magnified Healing® manual, CD with the sacred names, and a certificate. All of this comprises one kit and you will require one kit per student. You can place your order with the Magnified Healing® India Representative, Rukhmini Punoose. Please do not accept substitutes from any other sources.

    While the course highlights mention that the 1st Phase workshop be conducted over two days, it is recommended that you spread the teachings over three days. This way, students get more time to absorb concepts that may be very new to them.

  • What is the Initiation Oil used for?

    You will need it to anoint your students at the time of their initiations. Moreover, it will also enhance your daily Magnified Healing® practice. That the purest Initiation Oil should be used was guidance offered by Lady Master Kwan Yin herself.

  • How much in advance do I need to order the teaching material?

    2 weeks in advance

  • What are the payment options?

    You need to pay the full amount online by RTGS/NEFT at the time of placing the order. Plus shipping/ courier charges from Mumbai to which ever city you live in.

  • After placing my order, in how many days can I expect my kits?

    While we endeavour to attend to all orders as soon as possible, please expect it to get to you earliest by 2 weeks from the day the payment for the manual kits have been bank transferred.

  • What procedure do I need to follow after every workshop?

    You have to fill out the following forms and mail it to me at [email protected] and [email protected]


    • Your students’ registration forms from the manual
    • Workshop forms – from where do they get these? (I will send you this) 
    • Scan  of Certificates
  • Can Magnified Healing® be taught in Hindi?

    Hindi manual kits are now available with our India Representative, Rukhmini Punoose.