India Representative

Hello and welcome to the all India Magnified Healing®️ Website.

Teaching Magnified Healing®️

  • It is compulsory if you want to teach/or learn higher levels of Magnified Healing®, that you are part of the Magnified Healing® India WhatsApp group, the details of which you can ask Rukhmini Punoose, the Magnified Healing® India Representative at [email protected]
  • You also have to ensure that all your students are part of the Magnified Healing® India WhatsApp group. That is your responsibility as their teacher.
  • Additionally once you have completed your phase 1, you need to ensure you send a scan of your student registration form from your manual to [email protected] and to [email protected] to register yourself as a Magnified Healing® practitioner.
  • You also need to ensure your students follow the same procedure as stated above when you finish teaching them Phase 1.

Role of the Country Representative

Rukhmini Punoose is the India Representative for Magnified Healing®. Most large countries in the world have a Country Representative, appointed by Rev. Gisèle King. She has been the India Representative since 2017.

What is the responsibility of a Country Representative? 

  • First and foremost to be the bridge/liaison between Rev. Gisèle King (our co-originator) and the practitioners in that country. So to post new rules, protocols, articles she writes, any relevant new information connected to Magnified Healing®. 
  • To explain any part of the manual you don’t understand.
  • To ensure that all Indian teachers are teaching Phase 1 for 18 hours and covering a list of topics that she will post on the group. 
  • That Magnified Healing® is taught in an ethical way. 
  • That anyone trying to teach it Phase 1 online (not as a review class) is stopped.
  • Rukhmini will stock the latest and most updated Manual kits (Manual, Certificate, CD) for Phase 1, Phase 3 and Celebration. You would have to contact Rukhmini to buy the Manual kits. 
  • She is also responsible for making sure you have registered yourself with the America office ([email protected]). 
  • If you have any questions regarding Magnified Healing® how to teach it, you can connect with your India Representative.
  • She is also responsible for teaching the Online Phase 1 Review Class and the Online Advanced Studies Class.

About Rukhmini Punoose

RukhminiPunoose has been the India representative of Magnified Healing® since March 2017. 

She began practising Magnified Healing® in 2010, and was trained and initiated as a Master-Teacher in 2016 by Reverend Gisèle King, one of the co-originators of Magnified Healing®.

Rukhmini has been teaching spiritual classes since 2010 and as a teacher, she combines her knowledge of Eastern spiritual and mystical studies, of the Vedas, Upanishads and the Geeta, with Sufism and Western spiritual traditions like Judaism and the Bible.

Rukhmini is also a Traditional Usui Reiki Grandmaster and teacher, a Karuna Reiki Master and teacher.

She teaches Karuna Reiki both in the traditional Tibetan Tantric Buddhist method that she learnt from a Buddhist master, as well as the internationally certified one. She is also a Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner certified by the Bach Institute in England (BFRP). A Herbologist, she creates plant-based herbal medicines. She works with and teaches how to use therapeutic essential oils and teaches Plant Spirit Medicine. 

A dynamic holistic healer-teacher, Rukhmini combines a variety of modalities in her energy work with the aim to address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues at the root level.

Rukhmini lives in Mumbai, India, with her family.