Magnified Healing® was the most powerful lifestyle intervention to lower my blood sugar during a two-week period when my glucose levels were being measured continuously as a scientific project.

Since Magnified Healing®, the body rejects my ego-based thinking patterns by making me feel uncomfortable and restless until I go back to operating from my heart. The connection with the Earth and Cosmos has become so empowering!

- Dr. Roshani Sanghani, Mumbai

American Board Certified Endocrinologist, Magnified Healing® Master-Teacher

Magnified Healing® is by far the gentlest yet most powerful energy modality that truly prepares you for the Ascension process. The spoken language is only of love, mercy, compassion and yet more compassion. It is my most favourite modality so far. Highly recommended for anyone who is even remotely interested in beginning their Ascension journey, and working closely with the Spiritual Hierarchy!

- Jasleen Chawla, Gurgaon

Healer, RPT (Rapid Personal Transformation) Therapist, Reiki Practitioner (Usui & Karuna Reiki), Magnified Healing® Master-Teacher

I had met with a very bad accident for which I’d received 66 stitches on my forehead. We had to reconstruct the entire right side of my forehead and that too without a surgeon, since it had to be done in the emergency room. It was after this accident that I had done my first Magnified Healing® class, in which we learnt an extremely powerful method of healing. I used it for 21 days on my forehead and the scar almost disappeared. When I went back to my doctor, he was shocked at how quickly my skin cells had rejuvenated/multiplied to heal my scar.

Of all the healing modalities that I have been exposed to, Magnified Healing® came mostly naturally to me. I never had to make an effort or plan a time for the daily practice. The more I did it, the more it became a part of my everyday life.

- Vaibhavi Babani, Mumbai

Mompreneur,Magnified Healing® Master-Teacher

Magnified Healing® comes as a blessing from God to us. It prepares our hearts and bodies for Ascension, so we can handle the higher Light energies of the higher dimensions.

A dimension is a plane of existence. Our world filled with duality, and positive and negative emotions, is 3D. When we rise above duality, heal our karmic baggage, understand and live with Oneness, we move into 5D.

In Reiki, we get attuned. In Magnified, the three-day class is about us getting attuned to the energy, which ends with an initiation that seals it. In Reiki, we channel the energy. In Magnified, you and God become so deeply connected that you create it together – you become the energy itself.

- Gayatri Panjabi, Mumbai

Healer, Therapist, Reiki Master & Teacher, Magnified Healing® Master-Teacher, Access Bars Practitioner & Facilitator

Magnified Healing® has been a beautiful experience in my life. I feel it has opened the doors of connection with the Creator, Kwan Yin, the God Most High of the Universe. It has broadened our energy healing fields or dimensions to include healings where earlier only the Ascended Masters used to assist the masters of the Earth to heal others. Magnified Healing® has enabled us to heal the majestic Mother Earth & release negativity .

I have felt amazing amounts of love, compassion and mercy within after Magnified Healing® came into my life. The whole divine flow of energy from our heart to Source is experienced in a magnified manner.

- Revati Kuddyady, Mumbai

Artist, Healer, Reiki Master & Teacher, Magnified Healing® Master-Teacher, Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner

Magnified Healing® has opened up a whole new world and higher dimension for me. The revelations and the knowledge I still continue to gain are astounding, to say the least.

While Magnified Healing® is a fifth-dimensional frequency and Reiki is three-dimensional, please don’t think one is better than the other. Each modality has its own beauty and purpose, and comes to us when we are ready and when we need it.

Magnified Healing® attunements activate the pituitary and pineal glands which, among other things, means higher intuitive abilities.

Practising the 15-minute self-healing is extremely empowering. When I do Magnified Healing® every day, I’m calmer, peaceful, more loving and joyous.

Its healing powers are nothing short of miraculous. I once applied the 3rd Phase techniques to heal my husband of a terribly aggressive skin ailment, and the result was incredible. He didn’t take any medicines (a doctor would have certainly put him on antibiotics), yet each day over the six-day treatment, we saw visible improvement. He healed completely soon enough.

When someone’s going through a medical procedure, you can send Magnified Healing® to the person, the hospital room, bed, equipment, instruments, attendants, doctors etc. Babies love Magnified Healing® too. It is ideal for pregnant women. Kwan Yin is also the goddess of the womb and the protector of mothers and children.

- Aparna Kadle, Nashik

Healer, Reiki Master & Teacher, Magnified Healing® Master-Teacher, Access Bars Practitioner

The Magnified Healing® 1st Phase was one of my most enjoyable class. It introduced me to the subtle, gentle yet tremendously powerful healing energy of Kwan Yin. The theory was very fascinating and we wanted to know more and more and more.

Magnified Healing® energy is 5D energy and so the frequency is very high, therefore it works quickly and deeply. Magnified Healing® enhances our compassion and attunes us more closely with nature and cosmic energy. It has helped me understand my physical body and energy body better and connect with them at a deeper level. It has raised my awareness and opened up fascinating aspects of Divine Consciousness.

I personally use it in almost all my healings. Please do learn it if you can. It is transformational.

- Anupama Bhardwaj, Mumbai

Healer, Therapist, Reiki Master & Teacher, Magnified Healing® Master-Teacher, Access Bars Practitioner

For me, the learnings and personal experiences spanning Phase 1 and Phase 3 have been immense. It’s amazing to learn the concept of co-created energy.

I find myself calmer and able to handle life’s situations much better when I do my daily 15-20 minutes of Magnified Healing® practice. What amazes me is that healing with it doesn’t take up much time at all and can even be done to heal others over distances. I frequently use the Violet Fire to cleanse all negative energies in and round me. The compassionate and gentle presence of Kwan Yin and Lord Melchizedek has helped me heal both at a physical and spiritual level.

Magnified Healing® has helped me evolve as a person and change my thinking, in terms of Oneness of all creation. It has made me aware of the presence of higher dimensions and higher dimensional beings who are watching over and guiding us.

- Satyajit Kadle, Nashik

Digital Agency Director, Healer, Magnified Healing Master-Teacher®, Access Bars Practitioner

Magnified Healing is a modality close to my heart. For me Mother Qwan Yin is the epitome of healing, kindness, calm and love. It is a great blessing that I have been introduced and initiated into Magnified Healing for which I’ll be eternally grateful to Rukhmini Punoose who is a teacher par excellence.

Magnified Healing not only combines breath and energy channelling to connect and heal all parts of our being, it can actually replace the etheric energy body around human organs. This speeds up physical healing and applies it to where it is most needed.

The Violet Fire works wonders. Light Healing and laser beams have also always worked wonders for me. My son suffered from AVN, a medical problem with his right hip. Healing with the Third Phase laser beams had helped him a lot.

When my granddaughter was just a few days old, she used to have colic pain. The moment I used to play the Kodoish chant, she used to calm down. Whenever I send an intention to heal a person, the first chant that comes to my mind is “Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth”.

- Asha Venugopal, Nashik

Magnified Healing Master-Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, Trainer: 'Power of the Subconscious Mind', Member of Rotary International

Since childhood I had an intensively dry skin and every second day I would wake up to new infections, rashes, allergies and skin eruptions of all kinds. My parents took me to all kinds of doctors following traditional as well as non-traditional methods of treatment. However, nothing seemed to work and by 21 years of age I was diagnosed with the onset of Psoriasis. Within few months all of my exposed body parts were covered with large, ruby-red and extremely itchy patches of eczema. No amount of creams, commercial or medicated ones would help. Experts from the field all opined that this was a life-long, non-curable condition and that the only way was to keep going on through the steroids and topical creams prescribed, it helped to hide the patches as long as I continued the medicines; but not otherwise. My personal and professional life was getting deeply affected as I could not dress up or go about living my life freely. It was all about keeping my skin covered even on distressingly hot days and waking up on cold nights yet not being able to take blankets as the rough texture would cause severe itching and bleeding. My whole life only revolved around hiding my skin or being ostracized due to it.

Being a practicing psychologist I even tried self-help and undergoing counselling sessions; as most doctors said that it is all because of stress. But no one could tell me how to deal with the stress holistically. Then in 2013 I was blessed to be introduced to this miracle called Magnified Healing® and Mother Kwan Yin, and the way my life took a U-turn was amazing. I learnt Magnified Healing® Phase 1 and did my daily practices diligently searching for some help … actually in retrospect searching for hope to heal my skin. And gradually my skin started responding better to non-traditional treatment forms. By the next year I got initiated into Magnified Healing® Phase 3 and started practicing the Fine Point and Broad Laser beams for my skin. Gradually, within the next 3 months my skin started feeling, looking better and with 80 – 85 % reduced itching and bleeding. So many times during the itching periods I would substitute my ‘itch urges’ with just the Violet Fire and the result was miraculous. Within 2 months of Phase 3 I was declared psoriasis free and all my medicines were stopped.

It’s been 7 years that I am medication and spot free on my skin. Today the biggest blessing is within traditional mental health work when I work with willing clients using Magnified Healing® the outcomes are so immensely powerful and beyond imagination. The speed, depth and ease with which a client becomes drug-free and pain-free is truly amazing. So many clients have been helped with severe illnesses like kidney stones, stage 1-4 cancer and thyroid problems etc. Magnified Healing® has not just helped me but in fact it has spread the Light so much more by Mother Kwan Yin and Master Christ’s Grace. It’s a way of life and I can’t thank my Masters for blessing the humanity which such a powerful modality. Kodosih Kodoish Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth!

- Sukhada Kelkar, Mumbai

I have been practicing Magnified Healing® since 2018. It has changed my life completely on the physical and emotions level. After learning Magnified Healing® in June 2018, I gradually I started connecting to mother Kwan Yin, Angels and Archangels and started feeling their presence in different forms. Slowly I started connecting with crystals in my dreams and messages started flowing. Initially I could not understand what was happening but later on when I saw myself changing I realized how magical it was.

Before learning Magnified Healing®, I used to be stressed, anxious, confused about my life and would easily feel depressed and most of the time. The anxiety manifested in many pains and aches in my body. I had developed a Sebaceous cyst and Lipoma. It was impacting my health badly I was gaining weight and that added to my worries.

I used to feel so tired and exhausted all the time and would seek guidance from everyone. I could not go to the gym, yoga or anything due to severe pain in my back. The doctor’s diagnosis revealed a pressed nerve which triggered all the pain.

After learning Magnified Healing®, I became emotionally strong and more peaceful from inside and started getting answers of my questions. I started getting guidance about the source of my anxieties and how to relax and let go.

On the physical level I received healing from mother Kwan Yin, Angels, Archangel Michael in deep meditation. I’m happy to share that the Sebaceous cyst just disappeared and I had been planning it’s surgery for the last 2 years because it was getting infected again and again The size of my Lipoma also reduced and now it’s almost gone. My back pain has also reduced and the frequency of pain has also gone down. I have lost weight as well and feel good about myself.

Magnified Healing® has contributed significantly to my emotional and physical well-being and I am deeply grateful to have received this blessing.May there be peace and love among all beings.

Thank you Mother Kwan Yin.

- Tamana Sood, Bangalore