Sukhada Kelkar, Mumbai

Since childhood I had an intensively dry skin and every second day I would wake up to new infections, rashes, allergies and skin eruptions of all kinds. My parents took me to all kinds of doctors following traditional as well as non-traditional methods of treatment. However, nothing seemed to work and by 21 years of age I was diagnosed with the onset of Psoriasis. Within few months all of my exposed body parts were covered with large, ruby-red and extremely itchy patches of eczema. No amount of creams, commercial or medicated ones would help. Experts from the field all opined that this was a life-long, non-curable condition and that the only way was to keep going on through the steroids and topical creams prescribed, it helped to hide the patches as long as I continued the medicines; but not otherwise. My personal and professional life was getting deeply affected as I could not dress up or go about living my life freely. It was all about keeping my skin covered even on distressingly hot days and waking up on cold nights yet not being able to take blankets as the rough texture would cause severe itching and bleeding. My whole life only revolved around hiding my skin or being ostracized due to it.

Being a practicing psychologist I even tried self-help and undergoing counselling sessions; as most doctors said that it is all because of stress. But no one could tell me how to deal with the stress holistically. Then in 2013 I was blessed to be introduced to this miracle called Magnified Healing® and Mother Kwan Yin, and the way my life took a U-turn was amazing. I learnt Magnified Healing® Phase 1 and did my daily practices diligently searching for some help … actually in retrospect searching for hope to heal my skin. And gradually my skin started responding better to non-traditional treatment forms. By the next year I got initiated into Magnified Healing® Phase 3 and started practicing the Fine Point and Broad Laser beams for my skin. Gradually, within the next 3 months my skin started feeling, looking better and with 80 – 85 % reduced itching and bleeding. So many times during the itching periods I would substitute my ‘itch urges’ with just the Violet Fire and the result was miraculous. Within 2 months of Phase 3 I was declared psoriasis free and all my medicines were stopped.

It’s been 7 years that I am medication and spot free on my skin. Today the biggest blessing is within traditional mental health work when I work with willing clients using Magnified Healing® the outcomes are so immensely powerful and beyond imagination. The speed, depth and ease with which a client becomes drug-free and pain-free is truly amazing. So many clients have been helped with severe illnesses like kidney stones, stage 1-4 cancer and thyroid problems etc. Magnified Healing® has not just helped me but in fact it has spread the Light so much more by Mother Kwan Yin and Master Christ’s Grace. It’s a way of life and I can’t thank my Masters for blessing the humanity which such a powerful modality. Kodosih Kodoish Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth!