Satyajit Kadle, Nashik

For me, the learnings and personal experiences spanning Phase 1 and Phase 3 have been immense. It’s amazing to learn the concept of co-created energy.

I find myself calmer and able to handle life’s situations much better when I do my daily 15-20 minutes of Magnified Healing® practice. What amazes me is that healing with it doesn’t take up much time at all and can even be done to heal others over distances. I frequently use the Violet Fire to cleanse all negative energies in and round me. The compassionate and gentle presence of Kwan Yin and Lord Melchizedek has helped me heal both at a physical and spiritual level.

Magnified Healing® has helped me evolve as a person and change my thinking, in terms of Oneness of all creation. It has made me aware of the presence of higher dimensions and higher dimensional beings who are watching over and guiding us.