Asha Venugopal, Nashik

Magnified Healing is a modality close to my heart. For me Mother Qwan Yin is the epitome of healing, kindness, calm and love. It is a great blessing that I have been introduced and initiated into Magnified Healing for which I’ll be eternally grateful to Rukhmini Punoose who is a teacher par excellence.

Magnified Healing not only combines breath and energy channelling to connect and heal all parts of our being, it can actually replace the etheric energy body around human organs. This speeds up physical healing and applies it to where it is most needed.

The Violet Fire works wonders. Light Healing and laser beams have also always worked wonders for me. My son suffered from AVN, a medical problem with his right hip. Healing with the Third Phase laser beams had helped him a lot.

When my granddaughter was just a few days old, she used to have colic pain. The moment I used to play the Kodoish chant, she used to calm down. Whenever I send an intention to heal a person, the first chant that comes to my mind is “Kodoish Kodoish Kodoish Adonai Tsebayoth”.