Aparna Kadle, Nashik

Magnified Healing® has opened up a whole new world and higher dimension for me. The revelations and the knowledge I still continue to gain are astounding, to say the least.

While Magnified Healing® is a fifth-dimensional frequency and Reiki is three-dimensional, please don’t think one is better than the other. Each modality has its own beauty and purpose, and comes to us when we are ready and when we need it.

Magnified Healing® attunements activate the pituitary and pineal glands which, among other things, means higher intuitive abilities.

Practising the 15-minute self-healing is extremely empowering. When I do Magnified Healing® every day, I’m calmer, peaceful, more loving and joyous.

Its healing powers are nothing short of miraculous. I once applied the 3rd Phase techniques to heal my husband of a terribly aggressive skin ailment, and the result was incredible. He didn’t take any medicines (a doctor would have certainly put him on antibiotics), yet each day over the six-day treatment, we saw visible improvement. He healed completely soon enough.

When someone’s going through a medical procedure, you can send Magnified Healing® to the person, the hospital room, bed, equipment, instruments, attendants, doctors etc. Babies love Magnified Healing® too. It is ideal for pregnant women. Kwan Yin is also the goddess of the womb and the protector of mothers and children.