Manual, certificate and MP3 kit

Dear Magnified Healing® practitioners, the US office has just intimated me that going forward we will only be selling the MP3, no longer the CD.

The MP3 will cost the same – INR 950. And it is completely ILLEGAL and against US copyright to email it to others, even your students. Going forward, you will buy your kit – English manual, certificate and MP3 will cost the same as it does now, INR 2,750. The Hindi manual kit is INR 2,850.

You will buy the kit from me and I will email you the MP3. Once you pay for it – I will send you the MP3 on Dropbox via email.

I’m repeating – please don’t forward the MP3 to a student of yours. Each MP3 is registered with the US office.

Hope everyone understands the new rule? I’m very pleased about it as it makes it one step easier to get the MP3.

Love and Light.